Nile-Eco-VWU in the WLE Regional Review Meeting and the 6th Africa Water Week
Monday 18th Jul 2016 To Friday 22nd Jul 2016 - Dar el Salaam - Tanzania
Theme: Water, Land and Ecosystem Management, a pathway to sustainable agricultural intensification in the Nile Basin and East Africa

In January 2015, the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE) launched seven R4D projects in the Nile Basin and East Africa region (NBEA) with the overall goal of bolstering opportunities for increased agricultural productivity through the management of water, land and ecosystems. The projects were set out to generate and share gender equitable knowledge that would strengthen local capacities and their ability to adapt to environmental and economic transformations. The main objective of the NBEA projects is to promote innovative investments that maximize the productivity of ecosystem services in a way that equitably meets the needs of women and men (food security, nutrition, higher incomes) while conserving the natural resource base.

Since the start-up, the R4D projects have been generating new knowledge that will inform decision makers about sustainable management of water, land and ecosystems as a pathway to agricultural intensification in the region. The regional meeting is proposed to review progress made over the past 19 months towards achieving the program objective and to identify opportunities for future research and engagement actions. On the other hand, the Side event will be a unique opportunity for researchers to share their preliminary findings with the AAW participants who will include next users.

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