Work Packages
WP 1: Project Coordination & Management
WP 2: Synergies, Comm. and Engagements
WP 3: Inventory and assessment of the pilot wetlands
WP 4: Delineation and hydrological modeling
WP 5: Assessment of economic tools
WP 6: Application of the economic methods and tools
WP 7: Gender Analysis
WP 8: CD & knowledge sharing
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The Nile Ecosystems Wetlands Valuation and wise-Use (Nile-Eco-VWU) is a regional project to develop and test integrated tools for ecosystem services, valuation, and assessment that can be applied at local and regional scales within the Nile Basin. The project will fill a current gap in knowledge of how the values of wetlands are perceived, the tools to estimate those values, and the role of communities in that. Through integrating the social, natural and economic sciences the project will evaluate trade-offs inherent in an ecosystems-based approach to wetland management.

Project Expected Outputs
  • Knowledge base on local, regional and transboundary wetlands ecosystems in the Nile basin.
  • A set of economic valuation tools for decision analysis to cover different types of wetlands ecosystems in the Nile basin.
  • A Guideline for ecosystems and wetlands valuation in the Nile basin with application case studies.
  • Scientific publications and peer reviewed papers
  • A report on Gender perspective on economic valuation of ecosystems services
  1. Awareness raising videos to be communicated with local communities and decision makers.
  2. Training and capacity development manuals and toolkits
  3. Policy briefs and technical briefing notes

Expected Outcomes
  • Enhanced research capacity of the professionals in using ecosystems valuation tools in a number of governmental authorities and their affiliated research centers and partner universities.
  • Improved decision making by local authorities taking into consideration the tradeoffs for better decision making on ecosystems management based on using economic valuation tools.
  • Improved practices of local communities in using ecosystems services (wise use of alternatives for income generation).
  • The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) to adopt in its developed regional wetlands policy, the application of ecosystems services valuation tools as an important aspect for Nile basin ecosystems conservational and wise use, within a time frame of 2 to 3 years after the project.
The project is funded by and is part of
WLE Nile and East Africa
Regional programme.