Work Packages
WP 1: Project Coordination & Management
WP 2: Synergies, Comm. and Engagements
WP 3: Inventory and assessment of the pilot wetlands
WP 4: Delineation and hydrological modeling
WP 5: Assessment of economic tools
WP 6: Application of the economic methods and tools
WP 7: Gender Analysis
WP 8: CD & knowledge sharing
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WP 5: Assessment of economic tools
WP Objectives
The main objectives of this WP are as mentioned below:
  • To develop a comprehensive review of the existing economic valuation tools for wetlands ecosystems.
  • To assess and analyses the existing tools for selection of the tools to be applied in the research study.
Work Description and Role of Partners
This work package will work assessment of existing economic tools for ecosystems valuation and selection of tools to be applied on the pilot areas. The main activities are:
  • Comprehensive Review of the existing economic valuation tools, methods
  • Assessment , analysis and selection of economic tools and methods to be applied in the different pilot areas
The project is funded by and is part of
WLE Nile and East Africa
Regional programme.