Work Packages
WP 1: Project Coordination & Management
WP 2: Synergies, Comm. and Engagements
WP 3: Inventory and assessment of the pilot wetlands
WP 4: Delineation and hydrological modeling
WP 5: Assessment of economic tools
WP 6: Application of the economic methods and tools
WP 7: Gender Analysis
WP 8: CD & knowledge sharing
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Partners Communication Platform
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Gender & Equity
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WP 8: CD & knowledge sharing
WP Objectives
The detailed objectives of this WP is:
  • To engage stakeholders through stakeholder participation workshops and facilitate knowledge exchange between stakeholders and the project research teams.
  • To build capacity in the region through dissemination of the results of collaborative research to a wider group of professionals through interactive development of course materials and interactive set of training courses.
  • To design the training activities to different target groups and levels of users including water professionals, wetlands managers and local communities.
  • To ensure effective dissemination of the project research results to the broader public especially to decision makers and local communities.
Work Description and Role of Partners
 This work package presents the proposed activities to ensure effective and widespread dissemination and uptake of project results. Stakeholder participation is a key element contributing to the success of the project. This will be achieved through the following work package activities:
  • Preparation and Organization of regional stakeholders engagement workshop
  • Preparation and Organization of regional knowledge dissemination workshop
  • Preparation and Organization of four training courses
  • Development of project communication tools (videos, technical brief notes, policy briefs, newsletters, project website, blogs)
The project is funded by and is part of
WLE Nile and East Africa
Regional programme.