Work Packages
WP 1: Project Coordination & Management
WP 2: Synergies, Comm. and Engagements
WP 3: Inventory and assessment of the pilot wetlands
WP 4: Delineation and hydrological modeling
WP 5: Assessment of economic tools
WP 6: Application of the economic methods and tools
WP 7: Gender Analysis
WP 8: CD & knowledge sharing
Lead Institution
Partners Communication Platform
Media Center
Project Case Studies
Calendar of Events
Gender & Equity
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WP 1: Project Coordination & Management
WP Objectives
The main objectives of this WP are as mentioned below:
  • To achieve the project objectives and deliverables within budget and time constraints.
  • To ensure adequate and appropriate resource use and accounts.
  • To communicate with the WLE and CGIAR, including timely reporting.
  • To promote and facilitate communication and collaboration between partners.
  • To provide annual reports and obtain technical and financial reports as required from each of the participants.
Work Description and Role of Partners

The following activities and tasks are the core of the coordination and management process. NBCBN will have the full responsibility and will coordinator with partners when needed. Below is the details of each task:
  • Development of detailed project WP description of activities and tasks with WP leaders
  • Communication and coordination
  • Detailing project research teams in collaboration with partners
  • Project progress reporting
  • Project financial management
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
The project is funded by and is part of
WLE Nile and East Africa
Regional programme.